Search Champs Launch

Search Champs Launch

New year, new decade, new business.

Search Champs Marketing official launch is January 1st, 2020 because I like round numbers (and have a bad memory). What does the official launch mean? Search Champs has been operating for the last 4 months but on a referral basis only while we formed the foundations that the business will be built on.  As of the beginning of the decade, Search Champs will be open for business!

Our philosophy

The reason Search Champs was created was to provide a truly revolutionary business to supply Barrie, Ontario and the surrounding area with world-class SEO, Google Ads, and other search marketing solutions.


The world of digital marketing is so new and exciting yet most local agencies fail to capitalize on the industries best benefits. Being locked down to 9-5, expensive office spaces, time-wasting meetings, clunky reporting, and much more inflate prices so that small businesses either can’t afford them or can only afford a cheap package that doesn’t deliver proper results.

Search Champs’ focused approach to maintaining a niche and utilizing modern business practices gives us an edge in affordable pricing and proven results.

Just the beginning

Search Champs will be looking to build slowly starting today, Slow but steady growth ensures that we have our processes and strategies locked down to deliver the best results for ourselves and our clients.

Contact us for more information or a custom proposal to join us in this journey into the new decade.